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Have You or a Family Member Been Involved In An Auto Accident?

When you have been harmed in an auto accident due to someone’s negligent actions, you are entitled to compensation. Don’t assume your insurance company will take care of you or your loved ones.

The insurance company will try to keep payments to a minimum. They employ adjusters and defense attorneys who may use questionable tactics to keep you from obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Also, I find that many attorneys may not fully and adequately represent you. Did you know that some attorneys only obtain your settlement and then require you to pay medical bills from your settlement? After getting your settlement, you will generally be required to pay back your medical insurance provider for related bills that the provider has paid. We will negotiate with your medical insurance provider to accept less than they have actually paid so that you will receive more money.

We will place your interest first in order for you to receive as much money as possible. Even if you are partially at fault, you may be entitled to compensation.

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